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Prosopagnosia Test

This self-report questionnaire, the Twenty-item prosopagnosia index (PI20), assesses the presence and severity of prosopagnosic traits. 

Researchers may freely use the PI20 for academic purposes. Please cite the measure as follows:  

Shah, P., Gaule, A., Sowden, S., Bird, G., & Cook, R. (2015). The 20-item prosopagnosia index (PI20): A self-report instrument for identifying developmental prosopagnosia. Royal Society Open Science, 6: 140343.

Please contact the lead author ( before using the PI20 for non-research applications (e.g. on media websites, in healthcare or clinical settings).   

A printable version of the PI20 is also available for free download with guidance on scoring and interpretation. pdf

Thank you for your interest in our research. Due to the volume of responses we receive each day, our current level of funding means we cannot always respond in person. For guidance on scoring and interpretation of the PI20, please see:

We are a network of researchers based in the UK. While we find it difficult to follow-up interest from outside the UK, we recommend the following international researchers highly:
Christian Gerlach (University of Southern Denmark)
Romina Palermo (University of Western Australia)
Brad Duchaine (Dartmouth College, USA)
Tirta Susilo (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
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